Hello! I am Vinay!


Building devices has been my passion ever since I was a kid. It all started because of my love for dogs. I was in fifth grade and wanted a dog. Since both my parents work and I go to school, they were worried that we won’t be able to feed the dog at regular timings. Trying to solve this issue, I put together a very trivial contraption, one can set an alarm on the analog clock by moving the clock dials and when the time runs out, the clock dials press a lever which actuates a motor and food is dispensed.

It has always been a passion of mine to fiddle around with devices, taking them apart and trying to understand how they work. So, naturally, I wanted to pursue engineering. I joined IIIT Bangalore in 2015 to pursue my bachelors and masters in Electronics and Communication engineering.

In 2015, when some doctors from NIMHANS approached IIITB with some of their open problems, I got an opportunity to work with them. The first project along these lines was unFOG which was for helping Parkinson’s disease patients. I got tremendous interest in designing, fabricating and testing of medical devices. Ever since, I have been involved in several other projects in the same field.

I am mainly interested in electronics: medical devices, assistive devices, embedded systems etc. But I also do work in related fields like communication systems, for example, I worked with aerospaceresearch.net under the Google summer of code 2018 programme on the project DirectDemod which mostly dealt with decoding satellite signals.

I am an hobby birdwatcher and photographer. I love bird watching, I try to go birding almost every day. One sure way of making me tag along to any place is to tell me that I would find birds there. You can find some of my photographs here. I also love star-gazing, watching Saturn’s rings through the telescope gives me pleasure like no other. I love listening to music, especially western classical.